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Our world-class plastic surgery center in Bellevue embodies excellence in all aspects of technology and artistry. Our approach is very unique as we provide a truly individualized and catered experience. Our services meet the demands of the very educated patient population of this new millennium. We take serious pride in providing the most cutting-edge aesthetic plastic surgical services for our patients… World class.


Facial Rejuvenation

The face is the messenger of beauty. Aging of the face heralds the aging of the soul.The brows emanate so many feelings — anger, curiosity, and contentment. Eyes are the windows of the soul. With aging, cheekbone structures flatten out, wrinkles and lines set in around the mouth, the lips become flattened and the corners of the mouth start slanting downwards. One of the tell-tale signs of aging is the occurrence of jowling. Read More

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Body Sculpting

A youthful, fit and proportionate body is sensual and attractive. With pregnancy and aging, so many parts of the body lose their previous architectural integrity. Unsightly weight gain or significant weight loss can also disrupt both the female and male silhouette. The upper abdomen starts losing its definition. Read More

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Breast Enhancement

Beautiful breasts are adorning features of an attractive body. Some individuals genetically have smaller breasts. Others, with aging and breast-feeding, lose the youthful and proportionate architecture of their breast. The upper part of the breast will seem flat. Many have difficulty filling up their favorite bras and sensual outfits. Read More


Weight Loss Contouring

Weight loss has become an important part of our society. With further knowledge about the effects of obesity, self-directed and surgically assisted weight loss has become popular. National Plastic Surgery Statistics have revealed a more than 4000% increase in lower body lift, a major weight loss body-contouring operation, in the past decade. With that, a new field in body contouring has been born. Read More


Non Surgical

Plastic surgery is not all about major surgery. Today's discriminating individual wants optimal benefits with the easiest recovery. So, much of what we do is catered to meet the expectations of our patients "on the go." The ancillary procedures in plastic surgery include a number of both non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures that rejuvenate and replenish the face and the body. Read More

Procedural Videos

Procedural Videos

Visual and practical demonstrations of options are imperative in this gilded age of technology. The power of seeing is believing. We are committed to deliver the highest level of education to our patients. Read More

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