Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting in Seattle and Bellevue

A youthful, fit and proportionate body is sensual and attractive.

With pregnancy and aging, so many parts of the body lose their previous architectural integrity. Unsightly weight gain or significant weight loss can also disrupt both the female and male silhouette.

The arms, knees and upper abdomen lose their definition. Stretch marks, excess skin, or love handles plague the lower abdomen. Rolls in the upper back can protrude from a bra. Thighs sag and fat accumulates in the “saddle bags” and inner thighs. Ankles become cylindrical. With significant weight loss, the entire relationship of the body is effaced with dramatic excess skin.

Body contouring brings back the proportions and the silhouette of both the male and female body. It restores definition and removes unwanted and excess fat. It lifts the drooping of the arms and thighs, flattens the abdomen and gets rid of excess skin and stretch marks.

We bring you the latest array of the best techniques of body contouring, from the most artistic and effective designs for abdominoplasty to lifts of thighs and augmentation of buttocks. We continue to follow the latest trends in liposuction and bring you the state-of-the-art in all equipment and technique. Our male body-contouring program continues to be one of the most unique in this region with abdominal etching, liposculpting and male chest implants.

Dr. Egrari believes in an artistic approach to the contouring of the body. He strongly feels that each body is different and needs to be individualized according to height, weight, and overall genetic build. With the most advanced techniques in body contouring, he will advise you on your quest for a youthful and balanced body.

Explore our many body contouring procedures, and uncover the true beauty of your body.

Body sculpting procedures that Dr. Egrari offers his plastic surgery patients include:

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