Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement in Seattle and Bellevue

Breast enhancement

Beautiful breasts are adorning features of an attractive body.

Some individuals genetically have smaller breasts. Others, with aging and breast-feeding, lose the youthful and proportionate architecture of their breast. The upper part of the breast will seem flat. Many have difficulty filling up their favorite bras and sensual outfits. The nipple position starts drooping and the size of the areola enlarges. Stretch marks set in. All in all, there is disproportion between the breast and the rest of the body.

Some individuals are plagued with large breasts. They suffer from neck and shoulder discomfort, bra grooving, poor posture, and skin changes in the fold of the breast. They have an overall inability to exercise and wear tight-fitting clothing. These individuals do not appear fit, as their breast gives them the illusion of being overweight. In men, large breasts can be a psychosocially devastating element.

Breast enhancement and recontouring is a systematic approach to both the science and art of augmentation, lifting and reduction. It takes into consideration important variables such as height, weight, starting breast shape, diameter and quality of the skin. This comprehensive and thorough evaluation leads to a single goal: proportion. Vectra 3D imaging system has brought a significant dimension in predicting and showing patients what they can expect from the chosen size. With breast enhancement, your waist, hips and buttocks can appear more curvaceous. With breast reduction, you will uncover the comfort and beauty that has always been hidden.

Dr. Egrari will convey his vast experience to each individual and will use the latest and most up-to-date breast implants, lifts and reduction procedures. He strongly believes that breasts can bring out a total body proportion when artistically and technically sculpted. He believes that breast enhancement is not necessarily a significant enlargement, and at the same time not all large enhancements will look unnatural. The key is correctly chosen size and shape.

Breast enhancements are a commitment to long-term care. As a center of excellence for breast surgery, we see many referrals for revisionary procedures to change implants, resize, improve and realign lifts and create better proportion. Our objective is to make both a happy you and a beautiful breast.

Enhanced breasts are a complement to your beautiful body.

Some of the breast procedures that Dr. Egrari offers include:

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