Weight Loss Contouring

Weight loss has become an important part of our society. With further knowledge about the effects of obesity, self-directed and surgically-assisted weight loss has become popular. In the past decade, National Plastic Surgery Statistics have revealed a more than 4000% increase in lower body lift, a major weight loss body contouring operation. With that, a new field in body contouring has been born.

Weight loss has dramatic positive effects on the health and well-being of individuals who have suffered from the ravages of morbid obesity. However, this dramatic amount of weight loss can leave the body with an astonishing amount of excess skin, the loss of physiologic contour and architecture, and overall aging of all body parts. Weight Loss Body Contouring can dramatically remodel a body that has undergone significant weight loss.

Sepehr Egrari MD FACS PC is a plastic surgeon in Bellevue who has a large national and international following for Weight Loss Body Contouring. His unique approach and innovative techniques have made him one of the most prominent mega body contouring surgeons in the country. He is involved with multiple clinical trials and spends a considerable amount of time presenting and instructing other surgeons about the most innovative techniques of mega body contouring. He feels that each individual’s weight loss will manifest itself in a unique way; therefore, the operation needs to be individualized to match the patient’s body structure.

Our center has become one of the most respected Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring centers in the nation, with referral sources from all over the world. Dr. Egrari’s emphasis on this aspect of his practice has allowed him to help thousands of women and men who have embarked on the journey of massive weight loss. Safety continues to be paramount in all that we do. State-of-the-art techniques and results drive our motivation to maintain a center of excellence. We believe in providing a program that addresses the every need of this unique group of patients.

Our pre-operative evaluation conveys information and allows evaluating the right candidate. Our nutritional support program provides the ultimate base for healing. Our operative facility is second to none-state of the art equipment, best staffing, accredited surgical unit, and recovery. Postoperative care is provided by the most experienced nurse in comfortable facilities and occasionally in the comfort your home.

Who is a candidate for Weight Loss Body Contouring?

  • Individuals with a history of morbid obesity who have lost significant weight naturally by bariatric surgery.
  • Individuals who now suffer from significant excess skin in breasts and arms, upper and lower abdomen, back and flanks, outer and inner thigh.
  • Individuals who desire a more youthful body and who are committed to finish the work that started with weight loss.
  • Individuals who are nearly at their goal weight or who have stopped losing weight.

Intended results of Weight Loss Body Contouring:

  • Reduce the amount of skin on arms, breasts, abdomen, back and thighs.
  • Rejuvenate the trunk and extremities.
  • Lift the affected body parts.
  • Improve the ability to exercise and wear tight-fitting clothing.
  • Relieve the stigma associated with obesity.
  • Improve self-image.

Procedures that may be included in Weight Loss Body Contouring are:

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